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Gathering Guidelines

Once an announcement has been made for an upcoming Spades University event in your area, you are welcome to attend if you are 18 years and older, an affiliate of the hosting college or university or their guest.   And:

  1.  You celebrate and respect all guests irrespective of their race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, non-religious affiliation, political affiliation, age or ability.

  2. You agree to our No Smoking/No Vaping/ No illegal drug policy.  As a courtesy to all guests, we appreciate that you not smoke, vape, or engage in any illegal drug use while on any premises at Spades University.

  3. You agree to respect the “house rules and customs.”  Spades University is often held off-campus and could be in a private residence.  In such case, we ask that you observe the rules or customs of that home.  For example, you may be asked to remove your shoes when entering.

  4. You agree not to make wagers, bets or engage in any “gambling” during a Spades University event.  Our events are community building experiences and what we are aiming to “win” are life-long friendships and lasting bonds between those who are participating at Spades University events.

  5. You agree to bring something to share.  Unless otherwise indicated in our announcements, Spades University is a community building, community sharing cultural exchange, where guests demonstrate their generosity by bringing purchased or homemade snacks and beverages to share with those gathered.  Wine and beer are allowed.  Hard liquor is not permitted at Spades University events.

  6. You agree to learn, teach, observe and play!  Please be willing to come and learn the game if you are new or teach the game if you are seasoned, watch the game if you are unsure and play the game when you are ready!  The magic of Spades University is found in this process of learn, teach, observe and play!

  7. Have Fun! At Spades University, we want you to have a blast — learning the game, creating new friendships, playing the game — winning and losing the game and talking SMACK!  Spades University is a loudtaking, music bumping, smack talking, fun-having-by-all experience. Come and play to win!  And winning is creating life-long friendships and unforgettable good times!